Condominium inspections

We make sure we safeguard you and your investment. At Meredith Inspections, we offer three distinct condo inspection services: pre-reception inspection, interior inspection (suite only) and a full condo inspection (includes common areas). The inspection and written report provide the necessary information needed to make an informed decision.


Pre-reception Inspection

We want to make sure that you have peace of mind with no surprises. As a buyer of a new condo, this is one of the most important inspections you can make. The reason being is that as a buyer your extent of influence is paramount on the developer or builder to quickly rectify any defects. This approach gives you an advantage in catching any issues before accepting your new home. The responsibility to correct any minor or major defects is on the onus of the builder. As a result, they can be corrected promptly. An inspection of this nature typically takes 3 to 4 hours.

Some of the important areas addressed in a pre-reception inspection cover, but not limited to are:

• Countertops
• Doors and Windows
• Electrical
• Fireplace (systems, flues, chimneys)
• Garage doors and garage door operators
• Heating and cooling systems
• Installed cabinets

Interior Inspection (Suite only Inspection)

An interior inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of the building systems and components within a condominium unit. Common areas are not included in the inspection since they are covered by the technical audit performed by the condominium corporation and are a shared responsibility among all unit owners.

The main components of an interior inspection include:

• An inspection of and consultation of all the systems within the unit, focusing on functionality and long-term maintenance. These systems include: heating, electrical and plumbing.
• Interior structural elements
• Duct work and vents
• A detailed investigation of all major appliances
• A check for manufacturer recalls on appliances

A detailed inspection report is provided. It documents the condition of systems, components and appliances, including illustrative photos and helpful maintenance information.

A Full Condo Inspection (Includes Common Areas)

In a full Condo Inspection, we evaluate the condo, plus common areas according to all modern building practices and in accordance with the quality of standards and consistency of the APCHQ ( Common areas of a condo complex include exterior walls, parking, roof and mechanical systems. At Meredith Inspection, our house inspector reviews all available documents prior to inspection. Some the other documents you may need to consider to provide are strata minutes, engineers reports etc.

Inspection Report

At the end of the inspection, our inspector completes his report and discusses his findings with you personally. David Meredith of Meredith Inspections is always available to you for any questions you many have. You can Contact Us for more information.

Our Long Term Commitment

At Meredith Inspections, we are committed to helping owners make informed decisions. Our Resource Center will provide you with helpful tips and advice on condominium ownership.