High end home inspections

At Meredith Inspections, we understand the high standards of buyers of prestigious homes. We offer a superior inspection, one that is comprehensive and thorough, detail-oriented and well documented. We recognize that the preferred inspection of older, high-end homes in established neighbourhoods goes far beyond the minimal industry standards. We offer concurrent inspections by both generalists as well as specialists, when warranted, so that buyers will be able make the purchasing decision with full knowledge of the potential associated costs. We take the time necessary to inspect, locate any deficiencies and show the problematic locations. Given our one-home-inspection per day policy, we focus on thoroughness and not speed.

We produce comprehensive reports that describe and illustrate all the components, limitations and problems. This allows prudent buyers the advantage of being able to review the multitude of conditions after the on-site inspection. We discuss these comprehensive findings and necessary repairs that could affect your living standards and cash flow due to necessary repairs.

A whirlwind, 2-hour inspection is insufficient to provide a purchaser of a high-end property with a clear understanding of the building components and pre-existing conditions. As to the conditions, sellers have often invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in previous renovations. This requires an inspection that is more attentive than a recent bungalow in a new development. I do not believe that the industry’s standard inspection is appropriate for all homes. For the buyer to understand the conditions of the property, we strongly encourage the buyer to be present on the site. We also understand that buyers of high-end properties are best served when their general contractor, interior designer or architect are present at their inspections. This facilitates discussions and makes it relevant to the potential consequences of the inspection report.

Custom Specialty Inspection Services – Offered (ad-hoc or à la carte basis)

Specialty Inspections are a good idea depending on the conditions of the house and your family needs. Before a Meredith house inspection we will review the vendor declaration before recommending specialty services. Buyers and clients request additional services depending on their concern.