Revenue property inspections

Whether you are purchasing your first revenue property or adding another property to your portfolio, we at Meredith Inspections want to make sure you are protected in your investment. We evaluate the property in accordance with modern building practices, considering the workmanship and materials and making sure the building is consistent in the standards with the Construction Performance Guidelines published by the APCHQ (

Our main goal to provide you with all the necessary information you need to make a well informed decision. A comprehensive inspection includes, but not limited to be:

• Electrical systems
• Heating and cooling systems
• Plumbing
• Exterior components
• Interior components
• Roof

Meredith Inspection offers specialty inspection services such as infrared thermal imaging and drain camera inspections.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

This type of specialty inspection gives more detailed information that is necessary to make educated decisions on the condition of your potential revenue property. If you are concerned about high energy-costs or detecting moisture leaks, this specialty inspection can save you thousands of dollars by revealing these sorts of issues in advance.

Pinpointing Defects

Infrared thermography allows our home inspector to find any hidden defects in a building without the need to interfere with any portion of the existing structures.

The following deficiencies in a building using an Infrared thermography inspection can pick up the following:

• Air infiltration
• Missing or deteriorated insulation
• Moisture intrusion and accumulation
• Potential mold in walls and ceilings
• Overloaded electrical circuits
• Loose electrical connections
• HVAC blockages
• Furnace heat exchanger
• Inadequate or improperly applied flashing or sealants
• Structural problems

Drain Camera Inspections

Drain and sewer camera inspection technology have taken out a lot of the dirty work of diagnosing sewer and drainage problems. With this new technology drain and sewer cameras we can now access pipes directly, they can save an owner a lot of time and money if these deficiencies are discovered in advance.

Common Drain and Sewer Problems are:

• Fractured, or cracked pipes
• Collapsed Sewer or Drain Pipes
• Root Infestation
• Bellied or Settled Pipes

Inspection Report

Our revenue property inspection report is completed in a timely manner and identified issues are addressed. The report is complete and concise, photos and references are added for clarity. Locations are described to make sure it’s easy for referencing in the report. Findings are discussed with you personally. David Meredith of Meredith Inspections is always available to advise and guide you with your home maintenance programs for as long as you own your property. You may Contact Us for more information.