Seasonal inspection

It is very often that many homeowners are not aware of potential maintenance issues that can arise. Having a home inspection of this type can alert you to areas of concern early on and save you a lot of money in the future.

Depending on your needs, these types of home inspections are recommended for homeowners every 2-5 years. They are usually ordered in the spring or fall as a form of tune-up inspection, ensuring the home is ready for post-winter or pre-winter

A maintenance calendar for your home is one of wisest investments you can ever make. The following brief checklist below will help you protect your investment with a few simple home maintenance and repairs to carry out each month to avoid more costly problems later.

Here are some of the examples of a seasonal maintenance checklist that Meredith Inspection can assist you with.

• Clean or replace furnace filter
• Check heat recovery ventilator (HRV) and wash or replace filter
• Make sure all air intakes, exhausts and meters are clear of snow

• Clean or replace furnace filter
• Check/clean HRV; wash or replace filter
• Check sump pump
• Check gutters and downspouts and clean if needed
• Inspect air conditioner and service it if needed
• Inspect basement or crawl space for signs of leaks or water
• Open vents to outdoor crawlspaces

• Open hose connection outside
• Clean windows, screens and hardware; and install screens
• Check that all air intakes and exhausts are clear of debris

• Check exterior finishes and wood for deterioration
• Check caulking and weather-stripping around windows and the door to your garage
• Check the drainage trap in your basement floor and fill it with water if needed

• Check and clean fireplace and chimney if needed
• Clean leaves out of all eaves troughs
• Close outside hose connection

• Check and clean furnace; and clean or replace furnace filter
• Check/clean HRV; and wash or replace the filter
• Clean humidifier and turn it on (if needed)
• Check exhaust fans
• Make sure the gas valve is clear of ice and snow
• Test space heating system
• Close vents to crawl spaces every year
• Test plumbing shut-off valves to make sure they are working
• Test pressure relief valve on the hot water tank; and drain water from the tank
• Check all smoke alarms, fire escape routes, fire extinguishers, and window/door locks
• Check and oil door hinges if needed
• Lubricate garage door motor, chain, etc.
• Check attic for signs of moisture in summer or fall
• Check septic system and clean it if needed (usually about once every three years)

On the day of your seasonal inspection, you can expect from Meredith Inspection:
• A professional, experienced and courteous home inspector to perform a visual examination of the home’s accessible and installed systems.
• A professional opinion on the home’s condition and the required work completed.
• An emailed copy of the home inspector’s written and well-documented report. This report will include photographs, illustrations and an easy-to-read format in order to eliminate any guesswork.